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Wine Tours Languedoc-Roussillon, south of France
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What to see and do in Languedoc


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Wine tours in Languedoc, France
Home > Discover the Wine > Wine Tours
  • Tour one of the many beautiful wine domains of the Languedoc region
  • Taste the wines on offer at each domain you visit
  • The heart of a winery, its 'cave'
  • Enjoy spectacular scenery whilst learning about how Languedoc wines are produced
  • A vigneron explains to a tour group about the life-cycle of grapes
Tour one of the many beautiful wine domains of the Languedoc regionTaste the wines on offer at each domain you visitThe heart of a winery, its 'cave'Enjoy spectacular scenery whilst learning about how Languedoc wines are producedA vigneron explains to a tour group about the life-cycle of grapes

Wine tours in the Languedoc-Roussillon, south France


Château Les Carrasses

Visit some of the region's most beautiful wine domains - such as the
Château Les Carrasses, one of the stops on a 'Vin en Vacances' wine tour

Driving past the endless vineyards that carpet the Languedoc-Roussillon and popping into one of the hundreds of wine domains scattered about the region is all well and good, but if you really want to get a better understanding of what’s going on wine-wise in this exciting area of France, we’d highly recommend a half or whole-day wine tour.


What could be better? A day spent amidst rolling vines, traipsing through some beautiful wine domain and sipping on their finest wines? Wine Tours are a booming business in the Languedoc-Roussillon, and for good reason. The wines here have improved enormously in recent years, and many in the industry think of the Languedoc as Europe’s (if not the world’s) most exciting wine regions, with wine-makers from the new world flocking here to combine innovative new methods with the region’s centuries-old ‘terroir’. A wine tour in the Languedoc now means tasting truly delicious and interesting wines, as well as meeting and chatting with some of the region’s most interesting characters.


More on Wine Tours in the Languedoc, southern France
Vineyards near Pézenas, Languedoc

Don't just drive past the vines - dive into them...

The quality of the tours themselves has also risen. Tour companies such as ‘Vin en Vacances’ now pick you up in air-conditioned vans, whisk you to the region’s best wineries, and make the fascinating but very technical aspects of wine-making very easy to understand. They even take you to some of the area’s best restaurants for an al fresco lunch. All for a very reasonable fee. It’s no wonder that most of those who go on a wine tour in Languedoc say it was one of their most memorable and rewarding experiences on their trip here.


You'll find a range of the best wine tours on offer listed on this page - spread out across the entire region. All are run by experienced wine-experts, who will have cherry-picked the best and most interesting wine domains to visit. Either click on the pins on the map to find one near you, or simple read down the list of wine tours available in the Languedoc under the ‘Activities’ tab.


Wendy Gedney of 'Vin en Vacances' on Wine Tours in the Languedoc:


"The thing to understand about going on a wine tour in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France is that, lthough you’re not signing up for a course, and you certainly aren’t, what you’re signing up for is to get to know about wine and this region. So as a wine teacher, I find it a great way of putting across the subject of wine, because you’re surrounded by the vines, you can go to the vineyard, and instead of people having to picture what you’re saying they can actually see it.


So you might be on holiday let’s say in Carcassonne, you might be there for three or four days, and you might fancy going out to vineyards while you’re there. You can join what’s called an ‘Open Wine Tour’, that means you’ll be joined by like-minded people, or you can book a Private Wine Tour if you want me all to yourself and you want particular things on the tour, then we can make a private tour.


So I pick people up from where they’re staying which I think is one of the attractions of the wine tours - that you don’t have to drive. If you’ve ever sat in a car and been the passenger as you’re driving through the beautiful Languedoc region you know how valuable that is. But secondly, if you’re going to be drinking wine you don’t really want to be driving.


A typical day involves a couple of vineyards - one in the morning, one in the afternoon, so each is usually entirely different to the other, a super lunch - and the lunches are really special on my wine tours, and then usually another activity - so we might visit a beautiful abbey or go tasting goat’s cheese, honey, olive oil - that sort of thing. So although it’s a wine tour, it’s very much about the Languedoc and its culture and its history and everything it has to offer. "







Sentiers Gourmands en Clape Vigneronne - Wine Walk
Vignes Buissonnières en Pic Saint-Loup - Wine Walk
Terrasses du Larzac - Wine Walk
Château de Quarante - Wine Tours





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