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Information on the region's many tourist attractions.


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Taste great cuisine & discover the Languedoc's wine.

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What to see and do in Languedoc


Languedoc Wine History Wine Tours

Learn more about Languedoc's wines with a guided tour.

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Read about the wine regions, & what makes them unique.

Languedoc Wine CertificationsLe Terroir

How technique, soil and weather shape a Languedoc wine.

Languedoc Wine HistoryThe History

From the Romans through to Phylloxera to today.

Languedoc Grape Varieties Grape Varieties

Discover the differences between appellations.

Buying Languedoc WineCertifications

The complex and confusing part of wine in the Languedoc.

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Taste fine wines. The best wine domaines to visit.

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Learn more about everything to do with Languedoc wine.

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Languedoc's best wines - cherry-picked by expert Wendy Gedney - delivered with no excise duty.

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Why choose us?


Alex Charles

Alex Charles,

Creme de Languedoc

There are lots of really compelling reasons to list your business on Creme de Languedoc. With our sole focus being the Languedoc region, we can deliver better quality enquiries than any other website. Just type 'Languedoc' into Google, and see how well we rank...


3,000+ visitors per day


Our traffic has climbed consistently over the years, and we now receive over 3,000 unique visitors to the website every day.

That's 3,000 people only interested in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. So whereas only a small percentage of other sites' visitors have Languedoc in mind, all of our visitors are good quality.


Page 1 on


Our website consistently beats other all-of-France or all-of-Europe websites for Languedoc-based search terms. Our site consistently appears on Page 1 of Google for the following search terms:

  • Property in Languedoc
  • Holiday rental Languedoc
  • Visit Languedoc
  • Holiday in Languedoc
  • Tourism in Languedoc


Huge marketing support


We're also spending heavily on advertising this year to reach potential property buyers in French property magazines such as French Property News and local publications. And our on-going public relations efforts mean we're often cited in newspaper and magazine articles.


Better quality enquiries


better quality visitors and enquiries

Most of those who visit our site come from search engines such as Google - having typed in a phrase containing the word 'Languedoc'. This means our visitors already know about the region, and are specifically looking for property there - making them 'better quality' visitors. And that means better quality enquiries - and fewer time-wasters.


More attractive listings


Because we believe first impressions are crucial when it comes to business, we've designed Creme de Languedoc to complement your business with a more up-market, sophisticated feel. Rather than the cold and amateurish designs of many other websites.


Fair Prices. Packages all sizes.


Many other websites charge extra for all sorts of things that come free with a Creme de Languedoc listing. Such as extra photos, a link to your website, or 'search engine optimisation' of every page.

Prices for ads are figured out in regards to the number of visits each recieves so there is not just on fee for all.

We offer a range of package sizes depending on your target market and budget.





Why advertise with us?


PAGE #1 RANKING: Creme de Languedoc has a page 1 ranking on Google for hundreds of search terms.


ESTABLISHED REPUTATION: Since its launch 10 years ago, Creme de Languedoc has become well-known as a source for property sales, holiday rentals, B&B’s and tourism information on the Languedoc.


3000 VISITORS A DAY: Creme de Languedoc receives a large amount of daily traffic, equating to 20 planes, or 60 tour busses of visitors to the site every day!


FOCUSED AUDIENCE: Unlike other websites, we specialise only on the Languedoc region which means visitors are already very interested in the region.


Ways you can advertise


There are three ways in which you can advertise on Crème de Languedoc.


Side bar ads can be designed for you for a fee which are set to display on page/s of your choice which best relate to your business. These can be animated images to help grab the readers attention, or just a still image. Each ad is a live clickable link to your website or webpage of choice.


Featured ads are tailored to show your business off best. Think of it like a small showcase for your business, which includes all information about the what, why, when & how, including photos and contact information and a live link to your website & social media channels.


Non-featured ads are FREE - so are the most economic way of getting your business on Crème de Languedoc. But they only include basic contact information and a non-clickable link to your website.


Side Bar Ads


A side bar ad is a cost effective way of advertising on Crème de Languedoc,. They come in many different size page-packages which are tailored to every budget and give you the ability to focus on your desired target market.




TARGETED: Unlike advertising in print media, we can ensure that your ad appears on the pages that will attract the best quality of visitor. i.e: A beach bar might advertise only on the beaches page.


BETTER MEDIUM: People are using the internet much more these days to do their research, so an ad on the web is a very effective way of reaching people just when they’re making planning or purchasing decisions.


MORE AFFORDABLE: Magazine ads tend to be far more expensive than web banners. With an ad on Crème de Languedoc, you can pay as little as €2.50 per month* and have access to an incredibly targeted audience.


INSTANTANEOUS: Each ad is a live clickable link to your website or the URL of your choice and can be tracked using Google Analytics.


FAIR PRICE: Ads packages are priced directly according to the amount of visits each receives, so you get a fair deal appropriate to the level of coverage, instead of being forced to pay a blanket fee advertising fee.



There are a wide range of ad packages to suit your budget.


Level 1 packages are the most comprehensive and cover large sections of the site to give you the most coverage possible, and at the largest discount.


Level 2 packages focus on smaller sections such as our activities pages or sightseeing pages.


Level 3 packages are broken into individual pages or very small groups of pages, which offer you the most specific selection at the lowest price.


CONTACT US for more information on pricing and packages >






Featured Listings


With many people using the internet to do their holiday research, a Featured Listing is the perfect way to advertise your business. In comparison to a pamphlet, a Featured Listing not only exposes your business to a larger audience, but shows them your business in a more interactive way and makes it easier for them to contact you.


STAND OUT: Featured listings show ABOVE our Non-featured Listings. - and they also show a photo and short description when the page loads. If the user then clicks on your Featured Listing, they then see all the other information in it.


PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Once opened, the panel expands to include a full-size 3-image slideshow which gives you the ability to show the reader more about your business description below.


DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Explain what your business offers in detail in the description including who runs the operation, opening hours, courses/tours offered, pricing, availability, special deals/promotions and any other useful information.


VIDEO: One of the best ways we find is to include video, so if you have a youtube channel, or a video uploaded to youtube, you can embed the link in to the listing so it will display below the description body. (Need a video? Contact us for a quote!)


INSTANT CONTACT: Displayed at the bottom of the listing are all the contact details including phone number/s and live clickable links to your website, email, Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor pages.


MAP LOCATION: Finally, there is a google map with pin showing the exact location of your business to help visitors to locate you.


CONTACT US for more information about placing a listing on Creme de Languedoc >





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